Nhentia, where another spelling issue is happening, its NHENTAI. Anyway, this is another anime porn comic site. It offers free hentai manga and doujinshi reads with over 335000 galleries to read and download. This isn’t something I offer yet, so go ahead, go find those online galleries.

I attempted to find out WHY it had the name it did. But that answer wasn’t available. What I DO know is that nhentia was made by the same people who designed and Pururin. Which makes it one of the more well endowed sultry sites, and certainly one of the most unique. With just a quick scan through, you’ll find a bevy of cartoon cunts, busty beauties, and some of the most bizarre fetish fantasies ever dreamed up and put to paper. With a slick website design and lots of stuff to choose from, this is an impressive virtual porno palace, if you’re into erotic cartoons.

By design, only hosts pictures and comic strips. You won’t find any videos or gifs. There are nine thousand entries just for lactation. If you ever wanted to see a tranny version of Chung-Li from Street Fighter kick ass and take it up the ass, you might like this. Ever wanted to see a female version of Yugi from the “Yu-Gi-Ho!” franchise dual monsters and later beat her double lady lips?

There ya go. I’m done with the internet for the day.

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