So what is hanimetv? Not like the word itself gives the meaning way but here. It’s a site similar to this one. There’s censored and uncensored, and their searching features are a little more complicated. They do have some high quality stuff and some blue-ray rips. Many of their videos are licensed direct downloads from the original animators, producers, or publishing source company in Japan.

You’ll find a few different language, since this website is an international hub of hentai animation. There are links to sex games and porn. They have both old-school videos for real admirers and the latest Hentai episodes for those that would like to stay up to date. They also have streams that are specifically mobile friendly.

Hanime.tv or hanimetv, has subbed and subbed, even in other languages. I learned a few things from them. But the ADS, SOOOOOOO many ads. It takes over, interrupts you, and takes you to a different page. This site is also constantly going down. There are website devoted to if hanimetv is down or not, when it was last down, estimated when it will come back up, etc. Which I found kinda funny. So why deal with a website that is constantly crashing? Stay here, and Pick Your Hanime.


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