Henti: I fully blame America high school students, and for all I know American college students in this day and age, for this spelling. These dumb fucks are trying to search for hentai. Now, I have a bone to pick with American English for a good portion of its grammar. But come on come one, this is taken from another language. Seriosly, henti? What the fuck?

Hentai (NOT HENTI) is anime and manga pornography. It’s animated porn. Hentai is a loanword from the Japanese language. The original term (変態) does not describe a genre of media, but rather an abnormal sexual desire or act, as an abbreviation of hentai seiyoku (変態性欲, “sexual perversion”). In addition to anime and manga, hentai works exist in a variety of media, including artwork and video games (commonly known as eroge).

The development of hentai has been influenced by Japanese cultural and historical attitudes toward sexuality. Hentai works, which are often self-published, form a significant portion of the market for doujin works, including doujinshi. Numerous subgenres exist depicting a variety of sexual acts and relationships, as well as novel fetishes.

The hentai genre can be divided into numerous subgenres, the broadest of which encompasses heterosexual and homosexual acts. Hentai that features mainly heterosexual interactions occur in both male-targeted (ero or dansei-muke) and female-targeted (“ladies’ comics”) form. Those that feature mainly homosexual interactions are known as yaoi or Boys’ Love (male–male) and yuri (female–female). Both yaoi and, to a lesser extent, yuri, are generally aimed at members of the opposite sex from the persons depicted. While yaoi and yuri are not always explicit, their pornographic history and association remain. Yaoi‘s pornographic usage has remained strong in textual form through fanfiction. The definition of yuri has begun to be replaced by the broader definitions of “lesbian-themed animation or comics”.

Hentai is perceived as “dwelling” on sexual fetishes. These include dozens of fetish and paraphilia related subgenres, which can be further classified with additional terms, such as heterosexual or homosexual types.

Many works are focused on depicting the mundane and the impossible across every conceivable act and situation, no matter how fantastical. One subgenre of hentai is futanari (hermaphroditism), which most often features a woman with a penis or penis-like appendage in place of, or in addition to, a vulva. Futanari characters are often depicted as having sex with other women, but many other works feature sex with men or, as in Anal Justice, with both genders. Futanari can be dominant, submissive, or switch between the two roles in a single work.

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