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Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi victorian maid hanime

Actually called Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi, it’s a one episode OVA produced by the manga publisher Toranoana. It was released in 2015 and is 24 minutes long. It’s an original, no source material.

Maria is a high class Victorian Maid. She works incredibly hard to satisfy her master’s every whim, whether in his study, the bath, or bedroom. Shy and sultry all at once, can you resist her allure and willingness to serve?

As far as hentai animations go, Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi is one of the select few that I can honestly call a masterpiece. It manages to combine realism, eroticism, and believability without fucking it up beyond belief. A feat that most hentai series/OVAs attempting to combine these three things have failed to achieve.


This hentai has no story whatsoever– ironically, this works greatly in its favor. The OVA follows a day in the life of an unidentified, faceless man. Likely a wealthy aristocrat or socialite, judging by the elaborate mansion that the OVA takes place in. It focuses on his numerous sexual escapades with his maid–the voluptuous, amorous, yet highly reserved Maria. The hentai doesn’t bother distracting the viewer with some half-baked plot about trivial conflicts or sadistic masters hellbent on raping everything with a vagina. That setup which, sadly, seems to go hand-in-hand with many maid-oriented hentai series these days). Instead, it simply focuses on making the sex scenes between Maria and her master as detailed and erotic as possible. By doing so, it steps far above similar hentai series in terms of quality.


I honestly can’t find the words to describe how incredible the animation in this hentai was. The anatomy and facial expressions of Maria were some of the best that I’ve ever seen in an OVA. And then there’s the realistic body physics– This was honestly the first hentai I’ve watched that actually went out of its way to accurately depict a man’s penis gradually going from flaccid to full erection, WHILE getting a blowjob.

It’s also one of the few that I’ve seen which shows realistic ejaculation, i.e. semen shooting out 6 inches into the air at most (unlike nearly every single hentai orgasm scene where the guy’s dick turns into a pressurized jet hose and shoots his load up to 20 feet across the room, or blasts it out in all directions like a freaking shotgun). Even the breast physics are accurate– every bounce and jiggle looked believable.

The sound in this hentai was also realistic. While there were audible wet intercourse sounds, they weren’t made so loud as to sound fake, nor were they so quiet that they were almost impossible to hear. Maria’s moans and breathing sounded very authentic as well. There was no background music throughout the hentai, but this seemed to work well for it. No music meant it was easier to hear every sound down to the faintest moan, which helped make the scenes more immersive.

Maria’s was the only actual “character” in the hentai (as the faceless man never speaks or makes any sound). She portrays the role of the maid perfectly: She is soft-spoken, submissive, and respectful when she talks, and she puts all of her master’s needs in the highest priority. At the same time, she is subtly intimate and amorous in her behavior, teasing and enticing the viewer without coming off as desperate or over-eager.

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