Saimin Ryoujoku Gakuen

saimin ryoujoku gakuen


Saimin Ryoujoku Gakuen, alternative title is Hypnosis Humiliation School. This is a three episode OVA released in 2008. Each episode is 27 minutes long. The source material is a visual novel. The novel goes by the same name and was also published in the same year. It’s one volume long.

As a newly appointed guidance counselor, Toshikazu Fujimi, can use hypnotic drugs that allow him to modify the will of any targeted femaleā€”he can bring out any hidden feeling from their minds and use it to his advantage. He attacks many of the students that came for counseling and not just them, but those are all just preparations for something much bigger.

In short: Dude gets a thingy that can control girls emotions, and he abuses this power on many girls each episode as their “counseling”. If sex makes them happy now that they want it so badly, is it wrong to deprive them? They don’t think so.

Best Scene: At the end of the series when all the many girls fucked throughout the series (like the whole female student body) are all rounded up in one room and are the source of entertainment for the male student body…

He’s surprisingly gentle even when he’s sexually exploiting the other characters. He is such a consummate professional even in dressing. He can forgo most of his clothes but he kept his lab coat on most of the time even for the “counseling”. A noticeable animation glitch: he was naked except for his lab coat when he was doing Kazue in the presence of Miyuki. But at the end of the scenes in the house, he was magically all dressed up again with his dick out of his pants and clutched by Miyuki. He ended up turning the school festival into a sex den. And turned all female students, teachers, and mothers into sex-crazed animals.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

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