Saimin Class

Saimin Class, I hadn’t heard of this one so I went looking. The world “saimin” is a type of noodle (Hawaiin based), so of course I immediately started laughing at the thought of a hentai that takes place in a noodle making class. But let’s be real, worse plot devices have been used before.

Turns out Saimin Class has a few other titles it goes by. But its a two episode OVA that aired in 2016. Each episode is 18 minutes long. So far from what I can gather, it’s based on a game and a manga. But I’m not sure if the manga came before the game or vice versa.

Daichi finds himself in the possession of a lighter. It holds a much greater power than he could ever have anticipated: the power to hypnotize anyone he wants. He uses this to let out his wildest desires and begins hypnotizing the girls from his class. You can imagine all manner of lewd ways that happened. What else will he do and why does one girl in particular spark his interest?

The story elements are what makes this slightly different to most other hypnotism based setups. It was interesting somewhat to see where it goes. I was intrigued what would happen at the end, but this didn’t hold my interest too much. For a lot of you, this is as bare bones as it gets.

Unfortunately most of the acts here are very “by the numbers”, though it does start off well.

Amamiya suddenly stops class and allows a 15 minute masturbation break. She starts on herself. As she slowly starts to reveal herself and then the other girls in the class start to masturbate by fingering themselves. Very graphically rubbing their pussies and clits against the corners of the desks. (a few points for creativity here) And playing with their nipples.

All as the boys are watching and eventually cum over them. Next is a very predictable set of scenes as Daichi hypnotizes the girls into fucking him. Lots of scenes with his mouth on their tits. And him fucking said girls in front of the rest of the class. Boobs are WAY too big. I was thinking the class was strange to only have three girls in class despite so many boys, but turns out had at least nine. Not enough power to portray them all I guess?

Episode 1

Episode 2

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