Resort of Cumpie Fantasies

resort of cumpie fantasies

Resort of Cumpie Fantasies, or Kiniitta Chitsu ni Ikinari Nakadashi OK na Resort-tou was the other name given, is a two episode ONA that started streaming in 2017. Both episodes are 17 minutes long each.

As male customers arrive at the resort hotel of this tropical island paradise, they are greeted by the jiggly breasts of busty hotel women employees! It turns out that on this island, you can do whatever you please with the girls. Anytime, anywhere, anything! They’ve been raised as fine young ladies, their bodies and souls exist exclusively for your manly pleasures! And with not a moment to spare, the hotel women begin to undress. The title Resort of Cumpie Fantasies make sense now.

Hot ladies in an uncharted island where only some higher-ups would know. Hanime/hentai scenes are hot and lewd as expected, one of the best ones at least even though their Oppai (a direct translation of breasts into Japanese) are unrealistically large. In other words, the titties are so big they’re actually distracting. I honesty didn’t know the plural for ‘clitoris’ is ‘clitorides’. I had to check this and it’s true. I was actually surprised to learn something educational from a hentai. That is an absolute first for me.

I CANNOT find the DVD, but I will keep looking. Until then, check out the streaming service below.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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