Otokonoko Delivery

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Otokonoko Delivery is a one episode OVA at 18 minutes long. It is an original with no other source material. It aired in 2016.

A salaried worker on a long business trip to Tokyo finds a flyer for a special delivery service. Quickly contacting them he orders their special and within a short while they show up at his door.

“Flat chest… feminine features… and a bulge in their pants!? Wait its a boy?!”

The story is about young boys who are very fond of dressing up as girls. In the beginning they worked without knowing about each other, but then they got to know each other and began to work together, satisfying themselves and their clients.

Naughty hentai porn slutty boy. The animation is low-quality, and the sound…. the voice actors were terrible as well. The moaning was very awkward and not sexy. It’s relativity short, so I can’t be too mad at it. The characters were pretty basic, as most hentai characters are.

The story is hilariously bad. At least Boku no Pico tried to do something with 3 stories. This is that but even more laughable. It’s all about a Triple X company filled to the brim with men at the ages of 10, 11, or 12. Don’t make the FBI look for me, I did not enjoy this at the slightest and the story makes less sense than Boku no Pico did.

It’s in the middle of the wolf pack. Let’s go down the list. The worst character in this show is the old man who created this company, I don’t even know why I tried to include him. Then you have the hot cheerleader, colder then the arctic circle. And then there is Pico. Then the blue-haired boss and then the adult human being. And the way they behave is weird as hell. It ain’t too bad for character development and the kids even use adult language which bumps it up and it’s funny.


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