Office Lingerie

office lingerie

Office Lingerie, or also called Lingeries (which is like the word moose, singular and plural is the same thing so why did we add an S?), is a three episode OVA that’s 30 minutes long each. It was released in 2004. Apparently there were four DVDs put out. Office 1: Sex Slave Alice, Office 2: Nympho Slut Chisa, Office 3: Rena the Sex Slave, and the fourth item is a box set containing all three. I found the one that has all three.

Yusuke Nakanishi has just been hired as the new Section Chief of the development department of Best Beauty Body Inc., a women’s lingerie company. During his first day on the job, he discovers many of his female co-workers are being blackmailed into performing degrading product demos and sexual favors to help cover for a company conspiracy. It’s up to Yusuke to earn the trust of three top females in order to stop the corruption and save BBB, all while having a little fun of his own.

Office Lingerie just comes off as sex with old creepy and fat men with a touch of blackmail. It’s also somewhat believable when a girl has huge boobs with the thicker/mature bodies he draws (Miura Takehiro) unlike some artists who draws 40JJ tits on a girl that weighs 120 pounds. This left me with a question though…. Does the protagonist have x-ray vision? He could see the naked bodies of clothed women in two scenes. Or was that a portrayal of his imagination?

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