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ochi mono rpg hanime ochi mono rpg

Ochi Mono Rpg is a four episode OVA that was released in 2019. Each episode is 16 minutes long. It is based on a game. The characters are unique and really different from other hanimes/hentais. The art is just like any other animation in my opinion.

Episode 1

Knight Luvilia is standing up against the demon army that suddenly invaded the peaceful human world. She is confronting the Demon King, Vois. Using his demon god Tia, Vois defeats Luvilia. He makes her his property. Luvilia shouts and cries telling him to stop, but she can’t stop moaning from the intense pleasure. Vois enjoys his victory by indulging in the finest of women. When he’s done though, she teleports away. In preparation for their next battle, Vois adds his little succubus. Who is also his younger sister, Ilis. He also adds a big-breast loli witch, Lufilia, to his team.

Episode 2

Luvilia manages to escape. But is barely conscious after being raped by Vois and his servants. Since Tia linked their senses together, Luvilias will feel her pleasure from far away. Meanwhile, Iris and Lufilia are walking through the forest when they’re ambushed by orcs who gangbang them relentlessly.

Episode 3

Ilis and Lifria are bathing in a river when demons attack them. Lifria is raped by orcs. While Ilis is violated by tentacles. Meanwhile, Tia and Luvilias face off again. Luvilias loses and Tia takes her down the lesbian road. (ochi mono rpg hanime)

Episode 4

The demons won. Luvilias is now a submissive bitch. The saint Fonica even fell. Luvilias and Tia were given ecstasy as an award. They were humiliated in public. The festival in the demon’s town goes off with a bang. There are huge orgies going on. Which Iris and Lufilia are dragged into. Iris is crucified while Lufilia is gangbanged by demon soldiers. Now there is peace between humans and demons continues.


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