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Nhentai English, let’s break this down. If you are here, at this site, on this page, reading this, I am assuming you are at the very beginning of your perverted journey. So I will be break this down.

Nhentai is an anime porn comic site. It offers free hentai manga and doujinshi reads with over 335,000 galleries to read and download. This is NOT something I offer yet, so go ahead, go find those online galleries. By design, nHentai.net only hosts pictures and comic strips. If you ever wanted to see a tranny version of Chung-Li from Street Fighter kick ass and take it up the ass, you might like this. Ever wanted to see a female version of Yugi from the “Yu-Gi-Ho!” franchise dual monsters and later beat her double lady lips? You will NOT find any videos or gifs. I have videos HERE.

English is a language, obviously. So everyone searching for nhentai English is searching for this site but in the English language. Which I find interesting because what you’re computer language is set for it should find those first automatically. So I’m confused why there are over fifty thousand searches a month for the term ‘nhentai english’.


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