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consenting adultery mrs junkie

Mrs. Junkie is a two episode OVA that aired in 2006. Each episode is 29 minutes long. It’s source is a visual novel of the same name.

Another tale in the Milk Junkies series about two busty female characters interacting with a male protagonist. A Hentai from Milky normally means that great quality, good animations and a decent story is waiting for you, right? Well, maybe?

The Plot of Mrs Junkie: 2 housewives are depressed: When their men return from work, they are always too tired to show them how much they love their women. So Hinako and Kyoka (the 2 woman) are getting even more depressed. In theyr apartment, there is a young janitor called “Hayami”. And so, of course, both (OK, Hinako isn’t sure, if that is the right thing to do at the beginning) are into an affair with the janitor. Of course, this secret won’t hold that long. Soon Hinako finds out, that Hinako also has got an affair with Hayami. What will happen? Will Hinako and Kyoka let Hayami “fall” because he “betrayed” both of them? Will their husbands find out, that Hayami is having sex with their woman? Or will the three of them keep this secret? You’ll find out by watching.

Hentai “Consenting Adultery” will tell us about the guy Hayami, who works in the big company. In his office, he has a very close contacts with two beautiful girls Cheka and Aoki which want sex every second. They constantly try to force him fuck them. But, this cute creatures does not know about each other. The poor boy almost has no time for his job, as he spends it for this pervert, hungry beauties… Some time later, Aoki caught our hero with Chekai during their sex games…

Episode 1

Episode 2

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