Mission of Darkness

Mission of Darkness/Injū Daikessen

Injū Daikessen
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Mission of Darkness is a one episode OVA that is 42 minutes long and was released in 1997.

An alien life form has landed on the planet Earth and is impregnating women in violent ways to bear its offspring. Behind the scenes however, a team of scientists, politicians and even the National Guard are trying to find a way to stop the creature. Little do they know that another alien has come to Earth seeking the monster to take it back to where it came from.

There were some mildly amusing moments in this one. If anyone’s curious, the red ball coming out of the alien’s urethra means it’s used up its last supply of semen (i.e. it will never ejaculate again). Quite some interesting kills with the breast sever death and neck break. The alien not only could talk but seemed to be just like some two bit old man. The question is why it gruesomely exploded the wombs of the first women considering it needed them to reproduce. It’s one of those “what the fuck did I watch?” kind of hentai. The plot for Mission of Darkness/Injū Daikessen is so bizarre and absurd you know it could come only from Japan. Even though for the most part this hentai was very comedic, for some reason it also includes some gore as well.



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