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Masquerade is a four episode OVA at 30 minutes each. The original Japanese version came out in 1998 and the English version in 2000. This is an original storyline and characters. I started singing the Masquerade song from Phantom of The Opera as soon as I read the title.

Masquerade, the whole thing is actually pretty well paced, something that I wouldn’t expect from a hentai. Normally a hentai either has no plot, or a plot that rushes through it so fast that it makes you question why they included a plot at all. Apparently Gen’s bloodline suffers from a rare “condition”, and Gen ejaculates gold semen, called “Aqua Permanence”, which can lead to immortality if consumed. On the sex front, it’s not that bad, but the OVA isn’t really all that focused on the sex, instead making it more of a catalyst for the plot to exist. I don’t know if it was made the way it was to be called a ‘hentai’, or if it was studio mandated to make it a hentai and the team behind it had to work around it, but if you edited down the sex, the plot would still work.

The story is surrounding the Hiraga bloodline in which Gen is a part of. Recently orphaned, he moves in to his grandmother’s house and unwittingly triggers the Hiraga clan’s curse in which nearly every member leads a tragically short life. In his grandmother’s house, Gen begins to unravel vaguely remembered memories from a dream he’s always had. With the help of an American graduate student, they try to uncover the secret of the Hiraga bloodline, the whispered legend of immortality that is locked in his genes, and a way to keep Gen from sharing the same fate that every one of his ancestors before him has suffered.

At the time of this writing, I have NOT found any DVDs for your owning pleasure. But, try the below streaming service.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

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