Mankitsu Happening

Mankitsu Happening is a four episode OVA that aired in 2015. Each episode is 29 minutes long. It takes it’s source from a visual novel of the same name.

Keiichi Oyamada has a mysterious power that always makes him seem like a lucky pervert, as one way or another, he ends up having sexual intercourse with any female he meets. Due to this, he has never had a stable job as he continually gets fired from any place unfortunate enough to employ him.

One job opportunity arises when his best friend calls him to work at a manga cafe, which Keiichi reluctantly accepts. However, as soon as he starts his new job, he meets Rei Suzukawa, a fellow employee, and Kururu Hiiragi, his childhood friend. Both of them are very beautiful, and Keiichi fears that even they might not be spared by his lucky perverted powers.

Sounds like a typical hanime plot, dumb shit. But hanime isn’t known for it’s storylines. Mankitsu Happening LITERALLY means Comedic Happenings. This is about as ridiculous as tentacle porn. Trying to find justification for anything in this hentai is going to quickly make your libido go south.

Mankitsu Happening Episode 1

Mankitsu Happening Episode 2

Episode 3

Heading 4

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