Kisaku The Letch III

Kisaku is a six episode OVA with each episode at 28 minutes long. It takes it’s source from a visual novel. I’m still looking for what novel.

Kisaku, professional letch and all-purpose pervert, is the best when it comes to blackmailing the local women into performing lurid sex acts. While quality is preferable over quantity, Kisaku has some plans for both.

This was not to my liking, at all. What coincidences that he would encounter two of his victims as partimers at the restaurant his slave went to. And how the daughter saw her father with the lover. The nurse was such an airhead. That was a rather long anal beads. Lots of rape and struggling and it struck me as wrong. All wrong. The biggest thing I learned from this anime was that Isaku, Shusaku, and Kisaku are all brothers. All this time I thought they were the same character, just in a different setting. But I have to wonder…how did all three of them turn out the way they did? This show was disgusting, I don’t get the appeal of hentai with creepy old perverts as the main characters. There’s so much physical shit, I don’t get it.

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