Kiriya Hakushakuke no Roku Shimai

Kiriya Hakushakuke no Roku Shimai

Kiriya Hakushakuke no Roku Shimai is a two episode OVA that was released in 2011. Each episode is only 24 minutes long. It is based on the manga Kiriya Hakushaku-ke no Roku Shimai which was published in 2010 at two volumes.

One day, Daisuke, a reporter, visits an old Western house on the hill. There are Sumi, the owner of the house, and her five daughters. “You are a selected man. Yes, you can make a baby with my daughters and get everything here….” Though Daisuke still can’t believe it, he starts staying at her house. Erotic and deep relationship with the sisters…. What is the secret of this house? What will happen to Daisuke?

The story for Kiriya Hakushakuke no Roku Shimai is acceptable, a bit more original than your average hentai. The art is pretty darn good. Nice character designs and all the sex scenes are okay. The sound is very forgettable, but it gets the job done. The characters don’t really give you any reason to dislike them, and some of them are slightly interesting. Ryuda and Botan looks so much better in cg than animation. Felt the first episode was better with Ai and Nadeshiko. Doesn’t look like there will be more episodes. Episode 2 included way too many sex scenes, I almost laughed. Five girls in a matter of 20 minutes.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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