Kibun Kibun

kibun kibun

Kibun Kibun is adapted from the manga of the same name created by Bow Ditama. Kibun Kibun deals with the normal life and problems of a young couple, with a mixture of comic situations along the way. The hanime is a two episode OVA released in 2003 at 26 minutes per episode.

Episode 1 tells us about two childhood friends and their romantic-erotic adventures while growing up. Themes such as first a crush, first sexual relationship and of course, first sex experiments is expressed here. There are also some hard feelings and betrayals. In general, everything that the young generation has to deal with on the way to adulthood awaits us. It starts out with the chick dreaming about being plowed, and then she’s suddenly on her way to her boyfriend’s apartment where she’s cooking breakfast. She then manages to trip and stab him in the dick with said chopsticks. I feel like this was completely random.

Episode 2 starts with her having a dream of herself watching herself get plowed by her boyfriend. And she’s angry that’s it’s her other self getting plowed and not herself….. She then wakes up wet, the camera pan even showed her wet panties. If that’s your thing. I didn’t understand the dream.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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