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the invisible stud invisible stud

Called The Invisible Stud or Invisible Stud. It’s spelt tomei ningen in japanese but you fucks keep typing toumei ningen. This is a two episode OVA released in 2006. It’s an original, no source.

Mie happened to pick up medicine that an old man dropped. When he took it, he turned invisible. With this (dis-)appearance of his he starts to molest women in public. At the bathhouse, an all-girls high school and does not stop in the apartment of his female co-worker.

Until it backfires at him….

Every man’s dream- the ability to have sex with a woman without her even knowing it. Wait.. What?
Mie Naito is your standard creeper but somehow you can get around it. It must be the hilarity of the circumstances.

From some random sensation of being poked in the woo-hoo at a bath house in the water to a ghost dog doing naughty things, the Invisible Stud has some fun with the ladies in a comedic manner that entertains the viewer as well as satisfies their porn needs.

First off the title says it all, well the “invisible” part is right but the “stud” part is wrong. It’s the story of a guy who finds the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth. Actually he finds an item that turns him invisible (so it’s just as good).
Don’t worry about the story, the concept is all that matters. A man who gets no respect from women who can now turn invisible.

Invisible Stud

You can really connect with the protagonist. Think about it, what would you do if you could turn invisible? Fight crime? Save the world? What is this a comic book? No you’d use this power to spy on women in the bath house, haunt an all girls school, get laid, rape the girls who were mean to you… Basically, every sex scene is a rape since none of the women are actually consenting, but it’s not those cruel kind of rape that hentai are infamous for.

There is good fan service as well, at some point all the words stop and you just enjoy the fan service. The camera angles are very good, the animation is not too detailed and it’s uncensored.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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