Ichinen Buri no The Animation

Ichinen Buri no The Animation

Ichinen Buri no The Animation is based on the manga written and illustrated by Shouji Ayumu called 1-nenburi no. Which literally means “for the first time in one year”. It was a one-shot chapter that was published in 2014. As the summer break begins, a certain college student decides to pay a visit to his family in the countryside. Having been away for more than a year, he wants to cherish every moment of tranquility in sleepy rural surroundings, far from the hustle and bustle of a major city.

Greeting him on his arrival is his little cousin, Anna, who refers to him as “Kou-chan.” They soon start hanging out, reminiscing their childhood together. Eventually, the two visit an inconspicuous hut—the place where Kou-chan seduced Anna during his previous visit. It is here that Anna is determined to make the most of her cousin’s stay and show him how much she’s matured over the last year. As memories of their last encounter resurface, she invites him to take the plunge into a whirlpool of sexual pleasure and continue where they started.

I say Ichinen Buri no The Animation falls under lolicon, and is disturbing to say the least and completely fucking wrong.


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