Hentie: I’ve lost faith in humanity. Your are trying to spell HENTAI. It’s a JAPANESE word. Hentai is no different from hanime. In Japanese, the term hentai loosely translates to ‘perversion’ or ‘abnormality’ in English. The word has a distinctly negative connotation abroad and can be used to insult some for their sexual preferences. Hentai is also a shortened term as it comes from ‘Hentai Seiyoku,’ a phrase which means ‘Abnormal Sexual Desire.’ If you ended up here looking for something to blow your own horn, CLICK HERE.

You might also have been seeing hanume, which is the same thing as hentai, which you apparently spell with hentie. It’s porn, you are looking for anime porn. Do you need to know what animated porn is? Probably not, but if you do, I have a few links in the paragraph above. At this point, I’m simply trying to fill some space so my SEO does not scream at me for the fact this post is “too short”. Which happens, because some things are very simple to explain. But alas, SEO does not see it that way. You might want to shorten your search to exactly what you are looking for. There is elf hentai, vanilla hentai, romantic hentai, and the ever growing kinks area.

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