Hataraku Otona no Renai Jijou

Hataraku Otona no Renai Jijou

Hataraku Otona no Renai Jijou based on the game of the same name by Akabei Soft3. In the game, you play the life of an ordinary salary-man. Early mornings, occasional overtime, eat, sleep, repeat. A normal life without any inconveniences or surprises. But one day, you feel compelled to take the casual words of your superior to heart:

“Change is good, even if it’s just a little.”

Some change would be good– just challenge yourself a little. Broaden your horizons, meet new people here and there.

However, to your surprise. Immediately that night, you spontaneously find yourself in bed with a woman. A situation that the old you could have never even imagined happening.

And just like that, your mundane days of a salary-man would begin to change with each encounter…

Hataraku Otona no Renai Jijou HANIME adaptation goes as this: Oga works in a nondescript office environment and frequents a café by day and bar by night. The girls who go there and his co-worker Miyu have an eye for him and he knows it. He acts on their affection and his impulses and thus starts his sexual adventures.

Though there was fairly sufficient context to what was happening it did end up feeling like a compilation. Or more obviously an advert for the game. This is a strictly vanilla show with consensual if risky sexual activity. There is oral, pussy play and a few nice variations and scenes to freshen up proceedings.

From the opening as Oga is with Miyu in the office late at night indulging in some salacious activity, Tomoe being ravished in the park or Yurika finding pleasure behind the scenes at the bar each scene had something about it to set it apart. The office scene in particular had some really nice moments including some special photocopying. Public and outdoor sex scenes between Oga and Tomoe in the park. Yurika and Miyu have very similar designs whilst Tomoe has a smaller, petit frame which stood out so it’s not completely diverse.


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