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Gakuen Shinshoku XX of the Dead is a two episode OVA released in 2017. Each episode is 29 minutes long. It took it’s inspiration from a visual novel. Once I find out more about the novel I’ll update this.

The year is 20XX. Before anyone had a chance to figure out where the infection came from, people started either rising from the dead, or becoming self-aware monsters that can infect other people. Marking the end of normal life for everyone on Earth. People try to band together and stay alive, but the world is quickly crumbling around them. Can the survivors make it out alive?

It’s immediately obvious that the anime adaptation of “Gakuen Shinshoku: XX of the Dead” takes it’s visual influence from Highschool of the Dead. But instead of being an ecchi with cool action scenes, fantastic animation, and an actual good story, it’s a slightly above hentai with tentacles and gore. Even down to the general look and some of the characters being proxies for ones from Highschool of the Dead. Someone in charge must have been a fan of “Highschool of the Dead”.

This hentai came out 7 years after the anime adaptation of Highschool. And even the visual novel this is based on came out 5 years after the anime. So it’s not a coincidence where two series came out at the same time that happened to have the same or similar style. But “Highschool of the Dead” is not an unknown property.

Despite the fact that it clearly doesn’t have the budget or talent that “Highschool of the Dead” had, it still an overall pretty good looking hentai, even if a lot of it is still shots of characters talking and/or walking. It’s also a bit heavy on the visual filters, but it’s fine.

Surprisingly, the plot was decent enough to keep me interested to keep watching beyond the sex scenes, but it’s only limited to was is in these two episodes. Unfortunately, this means that this is yet another case of making an anime to advertise the visual novel. While it’s not quite as awful as some of the other anime adaptations I’ve seen based on a visual novel, it’s still annoying that it’s just another hentai meant to advertise the source material instead of being good in it’s own right.

Would I recommend “Gakuen Shinshoku: XX of the Dead”? If gore and or tentacles are up your alley, then this might be worth checking out for you. But everything is pointing to the fact that you probably should go play the visual novel instead.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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