Futabu, or Futa Club, is a two episode OVA. Both episode are 22 minutes long each. It takes it’s source from a one volume, 12 chapter manga called Futabu Mix. This hanime also has a sequel called Futa-bu! Mix: Futanari World.

Dissatisfied with an ordinary high school life, Akane Niimura decides to join the Futa Club. The organization consists solely of futanari—well-developed women with male genitals. The club’s members spend their free time pursuing a single activity. Indulging in as much sexual pleasure with each other as possible.

However, there is a major problem with Akane—she is a regular girl! Therefore she can only be admitted to the club as a “service specialist”. Despite ending up with the subservient role of being a sex toy for the other members, Niimura is content with her position. She resolves to fully enjoy the club’s exciting activities.

This hanime has the same director as Bible Black. So I think I went into this expecting something on a christian based demonic side, and that’s not what I got. I read this whole review about how Futabu is an allegory of an authoritarian socialist state from the critical perspective of an anarchist. I’m not sure about that, it struck me more as a piece of pornographic comedy. But alas, you be the judge.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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