Animeidhentai is just a hanime streaming site. These would be my competitor so I’m not going to give too much on them. I still feel like site is better.  😁 

So for your list of hentai you would like to flick your bean to, please head to my PICK YOUR HANIME page. If you’re still stuck what a few other things are, check out my WHAT IS page. It does look like I’m going to have to start a Twitter account.

Founded in 2017, became a popular hentai porn site with over 6m monthly visitors. The site is just about videos, no doujinshi there. Although there are not many videos, all of them are good quality and translated so you can choose from original or eng subtitles. Video player is simple, yet offers some advanced settings like the download button, rewind 10 seconds button or ability to choose a resolution for those with slower connection or mobile data. The fullscreen button and volume options are obviousness. One feature I like is that if the video is part of a series, you see other parts of that series below the player.Content is thin, to be honest. But they compensate little quantity with high quality. One thing that most people love is uncensored hentai videos. And they have most of their content uncensored so you can enjoy all these pussy hairs, cunts, and assholes with no censorship.

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