Ane Kyun Joshi ga Ie ni Kita

ane kyun ane kyun joshi ga le ni kita a woman has come to the house

Ane Kyun Joshi ga Ie ni Kita is translated to “A Woman Has Come to the House!” It’s a one one episode OVA released in 2014 at 25 minutes long. It’s based on a manga called Ane Kyun! Said manga is one volume at ten chapters and was published in 2012.

Honoka arrived at home with snacks, juice and candies which are her brother’s, named Hirokazu, favorite stuff. However, she noticed there has been an unexpected guest – Akazaki. She attends the same class as Hirokazu and for that matter he invited her for a study session and Honoka misunderstood her as his girlfriend. Will Hirokazu make up with his sister in a secret way while Akazaki is still in their house?

Vanilla — A Woman Has Come to the House

I’m impressed with the way the artists drew the tits. This Rx is for those who likes the “typical” vanilla genre, nothing special I would say. There are some Yuri in between the Rx. Really there is nothing special about this hentai if I honestly think about it. The story being… well the weakest part. It’s basically just an incest story with one of the brother’s hot friends assisting as a third wheel of sorts. The story is just plain normal and even though I love this hentai I’ll admit. But I feel the pacing is quite good. As the events feel well built up, not perfect by any means though.

In all honesty, Ane Kyun’s is super subjective in terms of criticism, you either love it or hate it. Ane Kyun’s art is not like “Fela Pure” for instance, which objectively has gorgeous art and animation. Of course I can’t blame anyone for not liking Ane Kyun’s art as I myself can’t really pinpoint why I like it so much. It could be tied to the fact that this is the hentai that got me into hentai. If I were to say a possible reason it could be that the art is perceived in a way that makes the characters more attractive .What do I mean by this?

Hentai characters are obviously designed and colored in ways to make them attractive. Most hentai’s approach this is a similar way. But Ane Kyun does this differently by making the color feel more dried up and toned down, and for some reason this really resonated with me. Again it is very hard for me to put into words why I like the art. Animation is another story however, as I think it is just “ok”.

But what really helps the sub-par animation is the directing. In my eyes, the most important thing for any hentai to learn is camera positioning (atleast for shmex scenes). This is so important as, even if you are a low-budget company if you know how to work with what you got then you can making something amazing. I still will argue for the fact that I believe the solo-shmex scene between Akazaki and Hirokazu is one of the best hentai has to offer. Not because of the animation, but the camara angles, which utilizes the art’s strengths while giving the animation a helping hand.

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