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This page will contain updates made to the site. Please note this is a work in progress and this site is ALWAYS under construction.


I made organization a little easier and unfucked some pages. The What Is? is looking not so overwhelmed.


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So somehow, when WordPress updated, several pages redirect or give a 404. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened. So bare with me as I try multiple things to fix this. Otherwise, posts are daily, I will be starting a Twitter account, and I know you’re really here to shuck your corn, so go PICK YOUR HANIME.

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We now have a Newsletter!!!!! So go sign up HERE!



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3/4/2022 – Okay, everything should looking good as gravy to a starving person. I think I figured out tags, but have to fix the videos on this site. Will get there. Enjoy the content. And stop trying to spam the posts. I have to approve all comments and I mark your attempts as spam. So save yourself some time and quit.

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Peace – Karina

3/15/2022 – So this month’s MASSIVE project is tags. I did manage to find an email subscription service so you pervs can choose to receive updates, but I’m still working on incorporating it into the site so it doesn’t look like shit. All words that run off the pages should be fixed. And I’m down to one or two posts a day due to the tags project. As always SUPPORT THIS SITE. Don’t be a cheapo creepo, pull out your wallet and buy shit.


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2/27/22 – Welp, this is taking a hell of a lot longer than I thought. I was able to update many of the posts to include a streamed video of the hanime said post is about. You will also find links to DVDs or mangas, if I can find them. The slugs for many of the posts needed to be updated, so working on broken links is my next project. I also did some organizing on the Pick Your Hanime page. It should be a little easier to find what you want. I will also be working on a subscription list so you can get an email (if you choose) for when the site updates. Which is literally daily. I also figured out why some text went off the page. So that’s also on my to do list.



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For the month of February, I will devote time to going through EACH post and making sure of correct grammar, links work, SEO, and embedded video if I can find it. Support the site by buying the DVD linked OR the subscription service link at the bottom of each post.

That’s the end of the updates so far. Head HOME for more shit to see.


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